Asterisk IPPBX

Asterisk is an open source software providing a PBX solution based on VOIP technology called IPPBX. Allowing you to turn any PC into a fully functional IP PBX, businesses can build their own services and features based on its capabilities and components. Additionally, it features Asterisk Gateway that allows you to integrate your analog phones into your office VOIP system and an IVR system called Asterisk IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that directs your customers to an appropriate queue depending on their choices.

Here are a few examples where use of an IPPBX enhances your business:

Eg: Integration of Asterisk with CRM :

Todays popular pizza delivery corporation has a single number where customers interact with the business. When the customer calls this number, the operator from the retail outlet has in front of him the entire details of the customer including history of orders placed, his delivery address(es) and various contact number even without asking this information from the customer. He now confirms the details and takes the order. Due to the amount of business the customer has bought in, he is eligible for a discount. The operator informs him about the same. In this example, there is a good amount of time saved by asking customer details everytime a customer calls plus the customer is delighted that he is offered a personalized service.

Eg: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) :

A popular gas agency has a single mobile number wherein customers calls and books a new cylinder. Upon calling, the customer is presented with a list of services they can opt for. On selection of an option, they can either book a new gas cylinder or find the status of their existing booking. On selecting the option of a new gas connection, they receive an SMS detailing their booking information and a delivery date.

These are some of the examples what can be achieved using Asterisk. Asterisk is software that replaces the traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and encapsulates many more features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Interactive SMS Server, Voice Messaging, Conferencing & VOIP.